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Now on available on the Member Area, check out the Moving With Kids online summit, bringing together some of the most inspiring, engaging and expert voices in the world of cross cultural parenting.

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We’ll be talking about:
Expat Parenting for Every Age, Every Stage, Every Child.

The benefits and challenges of raising kids overseas – everything from navigating prenatal care overseas to successful college and career transitions.

Ages, Stages and Location-Proof Strategies for Success

Tried and tested strategies for success from trusted experts in their fields, who have worked with thousands of families across the globe.

When The Going Gets Tough – How & Where to Get Specialist Support

Because kids are complicated  – problem solving tools, tips and specialist resources for the tricky bits.


Parenting is tricky at the best of times, but when you add in geographical, language, educational and cultural changes, it can be tough to know how to keep life on an even keel.

That’s exactly why I put together the online summit; to bring together the smart, warm and very funny experts who can tell you everything you need to know (and were probably too afraid/embarrassed /downright mortified/ to ask), so you can get the best advice about how to handle situations and challenges in a proactive, positive and productive way.

The summit is a series of 15 prerecorded videos, complete with workbooks and bonus content.

Summit Topics & Speakers
Summit Schedule


The schedule is as follows:


  • What is a TCK anyway? with Ruth van Reken
  • Pregnancy and Birth Abroad – the Professional Perspective with Karen Wilmot
  • Pregnancy, Birth and New Parenthood Overseas – Personal Stories with Lisa Ferland
  • Tools  & Techniques for Transitioning Toddlers & Pre Schoolers with Dr Jill Kristal
  • How to Use Play to Help Your Children Adapt with Maryam Afnan Ahmad
  • Supporting Success in School with Julia Simens
  • How to Find the Right School with Elizabeth Sawyer
  • It’s Tricky… Supporting Teens in Transition with Ellen Mahoney
  • Smoothing, Supporting & Surviving College Transitions / Dealing with Grief with Tina Quick (2 webinars)
  • How to Raise Bilingual Kids with Rita Rosenback
  • Finding and Integrating Learning Support Overseas with Tracey Ellis & Katie Holloran
  • Successful Emotional and Behavioural Support Abroad with Tracey Ellis & Katie Holloran
  • Coping After Crisis with Lois Bushong
  • Essential Family Law with Lucy Greenwood





Ruth van Reken: Let's Start at the Beginning - What is a TCK anyway?



Van Reken_RuthAs a citizen of the USA raised in Nigeria, Ruth is an adult Third Culture Kid (TCK) — that is, like many others, she was raised for a significant portion of her childhood outside her parents’ culture.


Ruth is a renowned writer, speaker and expert on globally mobile children, working with families and educators to help them understand the issues third culture kids (TCKs) face. Together with Dave Pollock, she co-authored “Third Culture Kids: The Experience of Growing Up Among Worlds.” She is also the author of “Letters Never Sent”, and one of the co-founders of FIGT – the Families in Global Transition organisation.



Karen Wilmot: Pregnancy & Birth Abroad - The Professional Perspective


Add subtitle text (1)Karen Wilmot aka the Virtual Midwife was born in South Africa and is convinced that her her love of travel was born on the many road trips that she did as a child. She always knew that she would follow the footsteps of her mother and become a midwife and she always knew she would travel.

Her career has allowed her to work on a diamond mine in South Africa, in a small village in Mexico, in a military hospital in Saudi Arabia and with the Royal family of Oman.


Lisa Ferland: Pregnancy, Birth and New Parenthood Overseas - Personal Stories

Add subtitle textLisa Ferland has a Masters in Public Health from Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University in Atlanta, GA USA and is Executive Editor of Knocked Up Abroad. She has lived in Sweden for over four years and has birthed two children — one in the US and one in Sweden. Her writing has appeared in The Wall Street Journal and other expat blogs.

Dr Jill Kristal: Tips & Tools for Transitioning Toddlers & Pre Schoolers


Untitled design (4)Jill Kristal, PhD, is recognized for two decades of expertise assisting executives, their families and companies through relocation transitions. She is a featured speaker and writer on relocation and life transitions for corporations, service organizations, educational institutions and international publications.


Dr. Kristal is a practicing clinical psychologist and served for 12 years as Executive Director of the American Counseling Center in London, England. Since repatriating to New York with her family, she has established a private practice treating children and adults and served as Special Education Consultant to School Choice International. Through her work with Transitional Learning Curves, she helps individuals, families and those who work with them through the challenges of relocation. 



Maryam Afnan Ahmad: Using Play to Help Children Adapt


Afnan-Ahmad_MaryamMaryam Afnan Ahmad has had a diverse career in training, teaching, writing and volunteering as a Pakistani diplomatic spouse and mother to two TCKs.


She co-wrote ‘Slurping Soup and Other Confusions: true stories and activities to help third culture kids during transition’ with an intercultural group of expat moms and parenting trainers during her tenure in Beijing.

She is currently a teacher for gifted children; an FIGT Board member and also conducts her own workshops for TCKs for groups like the World Bank Family Network.


Julia Simens: How to Set Up for Success at School


Simens_JuliaJulia Simens  has a M.A. in Clinical Psychology from John F. Kennedy University, California and a dual degree in Education and Psychology from Chaminade University, Hawaii. She currently travels around the world running workshops and giving presentations to parents, educators and school administrators.

As an educator, speaker, author and consultant, Julia has a gold-medal global perspective on children and parenting. Parents look for her for guidance because she has raised her own two children overseas while agonizing over about schools, medical conditions, friendships and loss of extended family contact. She has served on the FIGT Board since October 2013 and blogs at


Elizabeth Sawyer: How to Find the Right School


Elizabeth SawyerRaised in England and Ireland until the age of 12, Elizabeth Sawyer is an international hybrid like many of the students she has served since joining Bennett School placement Worldwide.

She brings over a decade of teaching experience in three languages to her work at Bennett where she was a consultant of all trades, working with families moving internationally and into/within the US, prior to assuming leadership of the company in 2009.

As CEO of Bennett, Elizabeth stewards the company’s relationship with its corporate clients, oversees a team of consultants, and continues to work directly with relocating families.


Ellen Mahoney: It's Tricky... Supporting Teens in Transition



Mahoney_EllenEllen Mahoney is the founder of Sea Change Mentoring, an online mentoring program that helps Third Culture Kids ages 16 and up explore careers, prepare for university and adjust to the next big move.

She grew up in Asia before moving back to the US to attend university. She studied counseling at George Washington University and has worked in adolescent development for 18 years. She is certified in Mentoring Supervision by Big Brothers Big Sisters and Fordham University’s School of Social Work, is a 2013 David Pollock Scholar and the co-founder of the Twitter chat #TCKchat, enabling young across the globe to find a supportive, empowering community.



Tina Quick: Smoothing, Supporting & Surviving College Transitions / Dealing with Grief (2 webinars)


Tina QuickTina Quick is a cross-cultural trainer, writer and international speaker. She is an adult third culture kid (TCK) who spent 19 years living in 6 different countries and the mother of three TCK daughters raised across four cultures and continents including Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America.

Often referred to as the “Transitions Expert,” Tina is the author of The Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition, the only available resource that offers concrete advice and strategies to help expatriate students deal with the special challenges of beginning university. She is the founder of International Family Transitions, a consultancy with a focus on empowering individuals, students and families to successfully negotiate international relocations through cultural training, seminars, and workshops.


Rita Rosenback: How to Raise Bilingual Kids



Rita Rosenbeck Rita Rosenback is an author, coach, blogger and speaker, who was born into a bilingual family on the Swedish-speaking west coast of Finland.  Rita’s two grown-up daughters, who are both fluent in several languages, are the inspiration for her book: “Bringing up a Bilingual Child”, an easy-to-read guide for parents, navigating the “Seven Cs of Multilingual Parenting: Communication, Confidence, Commitment, Consistency, Creativity, Culture and Celebration”.

Rita is a full-time writer, speaker and coach at on the topic of raising bilingual children, founder of,  a resource for parents about the intricacies of juggling more than one language in a family.



Tracey Ellis: Finding and Integrating Learning Support Overseas



Ellis_TraceyTracey Ellis, CEO of International Diagnostic Solutions (IDS), is an occupational therapist and disability analyst with an MPH from George Washington University.

Tracey has provided evaluation and treatment to children for over 20 years, and serves on the Washington, DC Health Professional Licensing Board, Board of Directors for BCR for Veteran Wellness, and the University of New Hampshire College of Health & Human Services Board.

She has collaborated with Georgetown University’s Center for Child Development and the Centers for Health Services Research & Policy, and speaks at conferences and universities.


Katie Holloran: Empowering Emotional and Behavioural Support Abroad


Holloran_KatieKatie Holloran has worked as a classroom teacher, special education teacher, and administrator in schools for 15 years.

After earning her Board Certification in Behavior Analysis, Katie expanded her work to become a home therapist, behavior coach for teachers, and sleep coach for families.

She is passionate about educating children in a developmentally appropriate and supportive way. In her current role as Clinical Director, Special Educator and Behavior Analyst at IDS Alliance, she works with teachers and families to understand learning and behavior and to create results-oriented interventions utilizing research-based practices.


Lois Bushong: Coping After Crisis


Lois BushongLois Bushong is a missionary kid who grew up in Central America. She returned to Latin America where she worked for ten years with an international agency. She is a Marriage and Family Therapist, is a member of the adjunct faculty at Indiana Wesleyan University in the Graduate Counseling Department in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Lois is the author of Belonging Everywhere and Nowhere: Insights into Counseling the Globally Mobile, speaks frequently throughout the United States on counseling or cross-cultural topics, and is fluent in both English and Spanish. She is an expert in counseling adults and TCKS who were raised outside of their passport country and frequently works with couples who are in an intercultural marriage.


Lucy Greenwood: Essential Family Law


Greenwood_LucyLucy Greenwood, is Partner at The International Family Law Group LLP. specialising in International family law concerning personal and family relationships.

She encourages internationally mobile families to consider their rights (and sometimes significant loss of legal rights) financially and personally as they move countries.. IFLG also advise on cross-border children matters like relocation and abduction.

Lucy is hugely experienced in jurisdictional disputes (where to separate/divorce)and regularly advises on pre-nuptial agreements and post-nuptial agreements as well as family breakdown. She writes for legal journals, websites and has lectured in England and abroad to professionals and the public.


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