Do you ever find yourself…


Using the phrase ” It’s all right, my partner’s company takes care of all that”?

Signing your tax return without really knowing what your household assets are?

Focusing all your energy on your partner’s career, but wondering when you’re ever going to get back to yours?

Using a joint bank account because you can’t see the point of having your own?

Not doing the ‘legal stuff’ because you don’t know which jurisdiction applies (and besides, you could be moving next year anyway?

Feeling vulnerable, uncertain and unprotected, but not knowing where to start?

Feeling as if all your eggs are in one basket, and you’re not the one carrying it…?


Guess what? You’re not alone. Over 100 women so far have taken the How Protected Are You Quiz, and very, very few had enough security .


Using the phrase " It's all right, my partner's company takes care of all that"?

Using the phrase " It's all right, my partner's company takes care of all that"?

Using the phrase " It's all right, my partner's company takes care of all that"?

Using the phrase " It's all right, my partner's company takes care of all that"?

Using the phrase ” It’s all right, my partner’s company takes care of all that”?

Using the phrase " It's all right, my partner's company takes care of all that"?

Across the world, international women are waking up to the reality that expat life is real life, without the safety net.

Because unfortunately…


You can have a generous relocation package… but still not have the resources you need to make informed choices.

You can have a supportive partner and family, but still not have the independence, freedom and autonomy you need.

Your life might seem “successful” on the outside, but inside you know that it can also be bewildering, uncertain and isolating.

You have a nagging feeling that you there’s a lot you don’t know, and that you are more vulnerable than you realise.

You are really, really good at supporting everyone else, so there’s very little left over to take care of yourself.

It’s really got nothing to do with how savvy, experienced or culturally adept you are. (So, seriously, don’t beat yourself up that you can’t figure this out on your own.)

It certainly doesn’t mean you’re naive, too trusting or too late.

In fact, it’s often the women who have integrated brilliantly that experience the greatest vulnerability – they’ve invested their time and talents into the transition, while their own priorities get left on the ‘back burner’


Women just like you.

Why do most women sacrifice their own needs, security and control when they move overseas?

Here are just some of the things I hear from women all the time no matter how smart, experienced or accomplished they are:

I have to put my family first

Money just isn’t that important to me

There are too many things to keep track of - trying to carve out time for me is impossible.

I never have enough time

I’m just keeping my head above water as it is - don’t ask me to do anything else.

I know we need to plan for the future, but I don’t know where we will be.

We have an amazing life, it would be greedy to want more

The Embassy will take care of us if something goes wrong

My partner’s company will take care of us

So, what’s the secret to getting your life back?

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1. An honest look at what’s really important

It’s easy to get carried away in the whirlwind of expat life, but it’s vital that you stop for a moment to examine what it is you want out of life long term, not just from this location or move.


2. Putting a strong safety net in place.

It’s time to stop relying on good luck, strong networks and your own resourcefulness /savvy / abilities /talents /strength / toughness /skills to carry you through. Instead, you are going to craft a strong, solid foundation to build on.


3. A balance between the practical tasks and the deep and meaningful bit.

I love a good system, tool or piece of technology, but often we need a little more than that. Sometimes, it’s about having someone to guide you while you figure it all out, to give you a helping hand when you are struggling – or simply to put things in perspective when it gets overwhelming. And that’s exactly what every Expat LifeLine module does – combines your personal needs, passion and purpose with a real world plan.

4. It has to be enjoyable and fun – otherwise you’ll quit

I am known for two things: making the difficult do-able, and finding the funny. Really. I have a whole catalogue of hilarious disaster stories that I’m itching to share with you, just so you know that

a) we all make mistakes, and the beauty of the expat life is how generous people are in sharing theirs, so you get to avoid ‘em.

b) every piece of advice or work that I get you to do is from a place of knowledge, understanding and firsthand experience… So you never need worry about making mistakes. We thrive on ’em.

5. It needs to be sustainable

The reason I’m an expert at making things simple is not because I am an organizational ninja; quite the opposite. By nature, I am spontaneous, quirky and creative, so my resources all have to be simple, easy to use and most of all, fun. Because this is your future, darlin’, and you need to be nurturing and cherishing it, every darn day.

I have zero tolerance for jargon, red tape and ‘fluff’ – it wastes too much time and IMHO, usually does nothing more than make the rest of us feel stupid. So this course shoots straight from the hip – straightforward language, done-for-you checklists, step-by-step videos and a passionate focus on getting the job done, one baby step at a time. Which brings me to my final point…

6. You need to give yourself TIME to do the work.

This is the most crucial one – and probably not what you want to hear. Too many of us are stuck in a rut because we refuse to take the steps that will free us up. We make excuses, we don’t prioritise our own freedom and so we stay stuck.

Here’s the bad news: it’s a guaranteed way to give away your time, your security and your control. Because little by little, move by move, we get further and further from where we want to be – not physically, but in terms of our own identity, needs / goals and dreams.

Here’s the good news: it might say ‘dependent’ on your immigration visa or tax statement, but it isn’t who you are or what your life should be.

To recapture your personal passion and purpose, you need a plan. (yep, I loove alliteration…!)

It doesn’t have to be complicated, time-consuming or done in a day. We’re talking baby steps here, because in the world of safety nets and softer landings, something always beats nothing…


I want YOU to have access to everything you need to free yourself from information overwhelm, once and for all.

We all need this – the straight from the horse’s mouth, no holds barred, telling you like it is guide to getting your life back – whatever that means to you.

Want to discover how to ditch that Burnt Toast mindset and start valuing your own needs? Check.

Want to understand what security you have in place now and what’s missing?

Want a simple, no-nonsense structure that takes the guesswork out of getting it done?

Want access to some of the best brains in the business, so you know where to start and what to do next?

Want to free up your time and your energy? Check.

Need to find financial clarity? Check.

Need simple organization systems that stop you being the holy grail of information? Check

Need some way of wrangling the family circus while you get it all done? Check, check, check.

Need a location-proof long term safety net that gives you security and peace of mind? Ooh, yessss.

Step-by-Step Video Course

In 8 step-by-step videos, I’ll walk you through creating your SOS file, your control panel for a cool, calm and connected life. You’ll learn the insider’s secrets about not just what information you need to keep to hand, but why it is important, and where you might need it in the future. Discover how having the information to hand not only saves time, money and stress, but also safeguards you and your family when the unexpected happens.

Expat Sanity Systems

The tech-for-the-rest-of-us series, taking you from overwhelmed to in command at the touch of a button. (Truthfully, it’s a few buttons, but I promise you, it’ll be worth it. You’ll look like a Geek Goddess in no time. Plus you get to hang out with me, and that’s always good for a laugh…)

Downloadable Format

Not a fan of video? Just for you, all of the content is also available in MP3 audio form and as a transcript, meaning you can watch, listen or read, whichever takes your fancy. (Or, if you are really keen, do all three!)

Lifetime Access

Nothing is perfect, so I’m always making improvements, adding and updating resources and offering new bonus content. Happily for you, you get access to these forever, with no upgrade fees – guaranteed!

Printable PDF Checklists

Your complete package of fill-in-the-blank, no thinking required PDF checklists, cheat sheets and action plans, getting that vital information out of your head and into a usable, shareable format.

Bonus Productivity Hacks Video Course

I show you the precise tools and workarounds that I use to keep my own life on track. Affordable (most have a free version, so you can redirect the money to a far more worthy cause… like Cadbury’s Giant Chocolate Buttons ), effective, easy to use resources that take your newly found freedom to the next level – and keeps it there.

VIP Preview Access to the ExpatLifeLine Online

It’s the Holy Grail of expat planning, organization and task management, and you get first peek. The ELL online tool gives you secure storage, lets you allocate tasks, send automatic email reminders direct to the person responsible, securely share specific files, manage the day to day calendar and even helps you predict the problems before they happen! An an ELL insider, you’ll get access to a special introductory webinar and a month’s free trial, so you can see if it works for you.

What on earth do I need this for?  My company takes care of the relocation!

My greatest wish is that one day, every assignee will have this training as a mandatory part of the pre-assignment package. Why? Too many of us go on assignments without a solid foundation in place, and we leave ourselves incredibly vulnerable. We forget that expat life is real life, with all the inevitable roadbumps. Situations that are difficult when we are surrounded by family, friends and familiarity can quickly escalate into crises when we are thousands of miles away from our home, support networks, and our legal domicile. The Expat LifeLine modules are designed to help you avoid many of the traps expats fall into, and to protect you when things really do go wrong.

I’ve already moved, so none of this will apply to me.

If you really have it all covered, brilliant! You are one of the very, very few expats I have met who really has a plan in place, both for this assignment, and for the long term. However, most people I speak to have big gaps in their their paperwork, their prioritization and their planning, and value the opportunity to be both clear and confident   about the choices they are making with their time, their energy and their lives.

I hardly have time to brush my hair most days, let alone watch how-to videos…

It’s how I always used to feel, before I added up how much time I was wasting hunting for information, the right piece of paper, or standing in line at an office somewhere because otherwise I would miss the deadline… The training videos explain exactly why I’m asking you to do each step, and the checklists make it easy to take action. By the end of each module, you will have a solid foundation that will set you up for success, saving you time, money and stress.

Is this price for one module? Will there be others?

Yes, to both questions. Creating an SOS File is the first module on offer, and will be $359. If you want to take advantage of Early Bird pricing, pre-register your interest below – there’s absolutely no obligation to buy, but it does give me the opportunity to give you more behind the scenes info so you can judge whether it’s a good fit for you. I will be launching other modules throughout 2015 – details will be announced mid-January. And yes, existing members of the community will get a special package price, so keep watching!

What if I don’t think it will work for me?

Get in contact! There’s no hard sell – I genuinely want this to work for you, so if I don’t think it’s a good fit, I’ll tell you honestly. You can also read the blog and check out the Expat Lifeline Facebook page – both will give you an idea of how I work, the types of tools and resources I create and use.   If you buy any module and really don’t like it, they are all backed by my 30 day money back guarantee.  All I ask is that you let me know what didn’t work for you and what improvements you would like to see, so that I can keep improving.

The Good News?

You are already halfway there, simply by realising that you need a firm foundation and a better system in place. Now it’s just a matter of taking the baby steps to get you there. Here’s the thing: progress is better than perfect. This doesn’t have to all be done today, or even tomorrow. Go at your own pace, in whatever order you choose. All you need to do is to commit to action, one step at a time, and let me focus on you getting there. And if you need a little help, I’m here. I’m Rachel Yates. I’m a former research lecturer who agreed to accompany my partner on a one year assignment to Kenya, dragging kids and dogs along for the adventure. Fourteen years, three continents and eight homes later, I’ve figured out the secret to simpler, safer and saner expat life.

A Crystal Ball.

Failing that, I have a system that keeps my passions, priorities and plans in place, so that I can deal with the inevitable road bumps that any great journey encounters. I’d love to pretend that this is all rocket science, but it’s not. It’s the combined common sense of 14 years of expat life, too many mistakes to count, and the advice and suggestions of countless expats and locals around the globe. I’ve simply created the tools and solutions that I desperately wanted when I first started out, and added in a few that I’ve needed along the way. So there you have it. The rest is up to you. If you’re ready to make your life even a little bit easier, I’m here. And today’s a great day to start.

Ready to reclaim your time, your life and your sanity?

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