It’s a question that has been troubling me recently as I get to the final stages of launching the Expat Family File. The course is designed to help you not just locate and collate your own ‘In Case of Emergency (or I’m off to the Caribbean for a week, so you’re on your own, sunshine) file, but to put a strong, secure safety net in place.


Here’s the fascinating bit.

Apparently, many of us think we are either immortal or living in Utopia, where nothing untoward ever happens. We are a seemingly amazing group of people who always have our passports up to date, have our very own divorce-and-death-proof savings and retirement accounts (I’m talking to you, ladies) and who never, ever get lost, detained or unwell.


I now feel completely inadequate, because frankly, this isn’t me. I have turned expat disasters into an art form, and after years of lurching from one mishap to another, I have become obsessed with future-proofing myself – or at least as much as is humanly possible without Warren Buffet’s bank account and cryogenic freezing.


It’s almost ready to make it’s debut – but is missing one vital piece. You.


You see, at the moment, it reflects 14 years of mishaps, both my own and those around me. I’ve learned the experiences, stories and solutions from global expats far wiser than I, but I know there are far more slip-ups, stories and solutions that need to be included.


It’s not about being negative, nagging or generally scaremongering. To paraphrase a very dear friend,

Expats are excellent in a crisis – many of which are of our own making


The upcoming class is  about acknowledging that expat life is real life, and that having a strong, mindful and location-proof safety net in place should be a fundamental part of our plan.


It’s over to you. I need you to get in touch – either by hitting reply to this email, or by heading over to the website and leaving a comment. Please, share your disaster, experience, story or near miss moment, and tell me what information or resources I might be missing.  
I can’t wait to hear from you. And yet again – thank you. You are a pretty awesome bunch.