You Know You’re an Expat Trailing Spouse When..

Here’s my personal ‘Trailing Spouse’ performance review. (Five years on, and I’m still counting on you all to add your own in the comments…)   You receive a friends and family discount card, and you have absolutely no-one to share it with.... read more

FIGT. I’m Going. Are You?

It seems incredible that five years have passed since my first Families in Global Transition conference; forever infamous as the one where I had a complete (and very public) online meltdown at the eminence and credentials of my fellow presenters, only to have my cover... read more

International Relocation – Buying a Home Abroad.

I’m not a real estate professional, so the good news is that I’m not going to try and sell you a home. Predictably though, I’ve made plenty of mistakes when it comes to navigating the international property market and buying a home abroad. So here, following on... read more

Expat Money: Best Finance Apps for Global Nomads.

One of the biggest challenges of expat money management is tracking and taming the financial complexities of multiple locations, households and moves. The minute you’ve got a handle on the your cross border costs and currencies, something changes – your... read more

7 Traits of the Secure, Successful Expat Partner

When I say I have been lucky for the last fourteen years, I’m not just talking about best bits of life as an expat partner. There have been some wonderful moments – but when I look back, I can also see the stark reality of a high risk cross border life.... read more

9 Essential Questions that Every Expat Partner Must Ask

Expat partners are often described as the engines that drive transitions, the quiet power behind the move. Yet scratch the surface and you will find that the perception of an empowered, privileged lifestyle camouflages the uncertainty and hidden vulnerability of life... read more

An Open Letter to a Teenage Boy

It’s been nearly three years since I wrote this. In that time, my son left for college an awkward, irritable and self-righteous teen, and has returned; taller, thinner, wiser and a joy to be with. So, for all of you parents who are currently suffering through... read more

The Arrival of the Baby… Martha

For the last few months, I’ve shared some very personal and very practical reasons for looking after yourself and the ones you love. Yesterday saw us celebrating Martha’s 15th birthday, and reminded me that we have come a long way, both geographically and... read more

Friends, Family & Your Social Safety Net

Yesterday, it was my turn to be the safety net. At 6.30am, it was my son, calling to say that there had been a fire at his college housing, everyone had been evacuated and after a fire department review, they were all being evicted until the landlord had addressed the... read more

The Precarious Predicament of the Global Trailing Spouse

    Trailing Spouse. Dependent Partner. Accompanying Partner. However we choose to refer to the trailblazing, long-suffering, endlessly resourceful problem solvers that make going on international assignment even vaguely possible for the primary visa holder,... read more

Expat Info: How to Relocate Pets

As someone who currently owns (is owned by??) a dog from every continent that we have lived on, I am here to tell you that relocating your pet can be done. Every time our dogs arrive, somehow our new environment seems less daunting, and our new life starts to take... read more

Emotional Resilience and the Expat Webinar…

  I wanted to share a more personal moment this week, which those of you who signed up for the latest webinar will have witnessed firsthand. For those of you who didn’t – shame on you. Because what started as a well-informed, expert-driven, research... read more

Negotiating Your Expat Assignment Contract

When it comes to international assignments, relocation policy is not just a ‘one-size-fits-all’ affair. Expatriate compensation packages vary enormously, both between and even within global companies, depending on your circumstances, country of origin and your... read more

Expat Parenting: Choosing an International School

One of the first challenges with moving abroad with children will be education – otherwise known as how to choose an international school. The good news is that there is tons of information available both at your fingertips, in expat parenting groups and in... read more

How to Stay Safe and Secure Online

If you missed last week’s webinar “Simple Steps to Staying Safe and Secure Online”, you can watch the replay over on the free Member Area. If you haven’t already registered, here’s the link. For those of you who prefer the written word,... read more

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